Tonton Rafting

About me

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I grew up in Marseille, down south, in the second biggest city from france. I arrived in alps for kayaking in 1999, starting the school to be river’s guide. In 2004, i arrived in the Verdon areaand decided to stay.

It’s an amaising place, wild and powerfull, full of secrets beauties. And people who live hier are beautifull. The Verdon river cross  snakely hills and mountains, giving life all around him. The Verdon disepears often between the cliffs of the Canyon du Verdon. Even with Google earth, it’s not possible to see the whole river. it’s so deep, so straight, so wild.. it’s one of the most famous kayak trip in Europe.

Tonton rafting which means something like “oncle rafting” is the result of plenty of years of experience in the white water world and the outdoor sports.

I created tonton rafting to be able to be the closest I can to the wish of people who come down to me. I like to share what I know about the Verdon, the Rafting, the life all around. It’s a modest compagnie with greats feelings.

I am 38 years old and work in the Verdon since 14 years now, do rafting, kayak and canoe since almost 20 years. I have all the diploma I need to work with qualification on high river rafting. I love my job!

And because fortunatly life doesn’t limit itself to rafting, i was lucky to backpacking in many countries, kayaking on many beautifull rivers, climb a few 6000 meters, skiing soft powder, playing guitar in sikkim, piano in tanger, drum in nosy kumba, work with homeless people in Marseille, serve very good cocktails in sydney, london and paris, discover the basecamp of kanchendzonga, walk around the annapurnas, go down the Amazone in hamac, danse salsa in colombia, saleg in Madagascar, drink tzingani on the titicaca lac, get two fantastic little girl…

Come to have a look, you will have fun, I am sure.