Tonton Rafting

Rafting down gorges du verdon


rafting verdon


rafting dans les Gorges du Verdon avec tonton rafting



Welcome in the Gorges du Verdon.

It’s possible to go rafting from april to october. you just have to give a call and i will explain you everything. In summer, automn ans spring, it’s possible to enjoy the pleasures of the white water.



From Castellane to the canyon’s doors.


  • Discovery trip: 39€/pers,  ( 35 € for the chidrens )

    1h30 on the water. 7km.

For the whole familly!

From 6 years old, it’s possible to enjoy the pleasures of the water . they just have to know how to swimm. Easy and beautifull, the perfect way to understand the river, use the stream to learn how to swimm like a fish.


  • The long trip : 49€/pers    ( 45 €for the childrens )


For them who want to go further. 15km, 2h30 on the river.


  • The canyon’s doors : 55€/pers.

This trip is the most impressive, wild, and beautifull trip. It’s possible to go to this place only by the river. Just fantastic.


  • The all day through: 65€/pers.  23 km. for the whole familly. only at spring and automn.


  • The “discovery” trip :                                   35€/pers
  • The “long” trip:                                             45€/pers
  • The “ canyon’s doors” trip :                       55€/pers
  • The “all day through” trip :                       65€/pers