white water rafting verdon

White water rafting Verdon

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With family, with friends, whether you are alone or in a group, I will find you a rafting trip that suits you. For some, rafting allows the discovery in complete safety of the world of the river and its delights, for others the opportunity for a beautiful family trip and for still others, the way to confront the elements and to get a good dose of adrenaline.

rafting dans les gorges du verdon

White water Rafting Verdon trip.

We have different white water rafting courses on the Verdon, suitable for all audiences.

Rafting Verdon discovery

Rafting is accessible from 6 years old provided they know how to swim. It is a discovery of rafting for the whole family. It is an 8 km course, easy and very beautiful, on which we will take the time to understand the river, its water movements, learn to swim properly by using the currents to move around. This course is a beautiful stroll along the water, giving you time to admire preserved places and play in the heart of the Verdon gorges. For the more adventurous, don’t worry, the sensations will be there. We will play with cliffs, rocks and water movements to make the most of our raft. We will spend approximately 1h30 on the water. The departure is gradual and will therefore allow us to get our bearings on board. The route climbs in a crescendo until the biggest rapid which will give you a glimpse of what a more sporty practice of rafting can be in the Verdon.

price: 50€ per person. 1h30 on the water.


The canyon’s doors Rafting

Canyon’ doors are the Verdon sports rafting route. it will take us into the canyon for 4 km to the samson corridor, where it will no longer be possible to go any further. The breathtaking landscape will mix with the biggest rapids of the Verdon. It is for sure one of the most beautiful places in the world. Note that there is a boat portage at the end. Everyone succeeds, but it requires a little courage.

60€ per person. Approximately 2h30 on the water.

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